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MPE video is amazing! Here is the hard and soft bed you want~
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For many people,

Every day I go to and from work so tired that I just want to collapse in bed when I get home.

But when the couple are together, they sometimes quarrel because of the softness and hardness of the bed.

One likes a soft bed and the other likes a hard bed.

This can happen in every couple's life.

For this reason, it is necessary for couples who have quarreled with each other to watch the video below,

a sheet Soft and hard adjustment, no mutual interference AI sleeping bed,

Let the couple quarrel at the bedside, MPE.

Click to watch the video

The hard place is hard! The soft place is soft~

Let all parts of the body get effective support to ensure a comfortable sleep.

No more because of two people

The soft and hard bed like different and quarrel!

Voice control: call when you call, and be on call;

Deep sleep is as deep as you can say;

Soft and hard adjustment, say hard is hard, say soft is soft;

Constant temperature function, say warm on warm, want to cool are difficult;

Stop snoring warning, always pay attention to sleep health;

Data monitoring, I know your sleep size.

More bed new posture, continue to unlock, please pay attention~


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