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Hundreds of billion tuyere industry, ready to go

MPE bedding was founded in corona portabella (VA) of Italy in 1956, focusing on the field of deep sleep in 62 years. It has two series of "MPE intelligent bed" and "MPE pure latex". At present, it has opened hundreds of exclusive stores all over the world, and its products are exported to the world.
MPE · smart bed is a high-end smart bed brand of Meiya MPE bedding. It is positioned as the leader of smart bed and advocates the product concept of zero pressure and deep sleep. MPE smart bed opens the technology sleep era for consumers by selecting high-quality sleep materials from the world.
MPE · pure latex is the leader of pure latex healthy sleep mattress, and the professional brand of pure latex mattress of deep health sleep system of Meiya MPE. With the product concept of "pure latex, more healthy", it provides effective solutions for the majority of consumers to have deep healthy sleep.

MPE Brand height

  • In 2007,
    China Astronaut Research and training center selects brand
  • In 2008,
    The Training Bureau of State General Administration of sport selects brand
  • In 2015,
    MPE bedding becomes the furniture brand of independent Pavilion in Milan Expo

Six core advantages of MPE bedding


Technical advantages

Master the core technology of "deep sleep, zero pressure" simulation of weightlessness in space, and have the world's leading GMA (Goma) latex manufacturing process.

Brand advantage

China astronaut scientific research and training center, a global deep sleep service provider, selects brand, National Sports Administration Training Bureau selects brand, Milan World Expo independent building, home brand, national high-tech enterprise.

Product advantages

The inventor of the third generation seven section partition, the fourth generation stereo demoulding decompression, and the fifth generation of MEMS intelligent recognition latex. Only focus on deep health sleep system brand, only focus on pure latex mattress, intelligent latex mattress brand. Adhere to the use of more healthy natural latex as the main material, only sell the third generation, the fourth generation, the fifth generation of latex mattresses.

Terminal advantages

Professional terminal 4S management system module, professional terminal nanny supervision service. There is a high degree of brand strategic positioning, a high degree of unified brand VI, Si support system. Professional category, market segmentation, industry benchmark.

Training advantages

Terminal management training module of Meiya School of management   Terminal marketing training module of Meiya School of management   Just copy and copy to ensure successful replication.

Investment advantages

There is no strict system to join, light assets, low cost investment. High profit return, cost recovery only takes three days. Health industry has broad prospects and huge development space.

Eight policies Help business operation

  • Brand support

  • Training support

  • Decoration support

  • Opening support

  • Marketing support

  • Advertising support

  • Promotion support

  • After sales support

High end brand value, strong brand strength

China Astronaut Research and training center selects brand

The Training Bureau of State General Administration of sport selects brand

Independent home brand of Milan Expo

National High Tech Enterprises

Headquarters system and standardized training system 365 days a year to serve market dealers.

Comprehensive daily terminal sales training, product launch training.

The headquarters regularly holds 4-6 annual large-scale training activities, and the accommodation and food are provided by the company free of charge. Professional terminal nanny supervision service makes the training more detailed and practical.

The headquarters will provide the design and decoration scheme of the storefront free of charge.

According to different regions and storefront area, the headquarters will give corresponding proportion of financial support. According to the business area of the store, tailor-made exclusive decoration scheme to ensure the unity and standardization of VI system.

Senior regional manager professional guidance and help, targeted planning opening promotion activities.

Opening layout, special price goods, brand promotion, enhance brand awareness, expand market share.

12 kinds of marketing channels, 360 degree comprehensive coverage of market customers.

The headquarters uniformly plans large-scale annual brand public relations marketing events.

The headquarter plans the annual theme promotion activities of the brand.

Media, outdoor, online, terminal four in one marketing.

Outdoor large road sign advertising support.

Airport high-speed rail and other transport hub advertising support.

Newspapers, magazines and other paper media advertising support.

Microblog, wechat public account and other new media advertising support.

Throughout the year, it cooperated with domestic mainstream media and large-scale portal websites (such as Sohu, Sina, Netease, etc.) for in-depth brand communication and online promotion.

In the whole year, the main trade fairs and expos were publicized, and large-scale sports events and social welfare activities were sponsored and publicized (such as: World Cup, World Expo, etc.).

Professional after-sales customer service team provides 365 days of service throughout the year.

After sales problems, to ensure the first time to come up with an effective solution.

Regular telephone return visit and holiday greetings and blessings to customers.

National unified complaint mailbox, national unified customer service hotline.

Professionals visit customers from time to time to understand the use and feeling of customers' products. Set up e-mail box for general manager to listen to customers and adopt market suggestions.

Join in technological process

The new store only needs 60 days to open for profit!

Small investment High yield


Suzhou First month of opening

Turnover of 1.08 million, one-time cost recovery

Guiyang Single event

The turnover is 650000, and the cost is recovered at one time

Zhuzhou Opening for three days

Turnover 350000, one-time cost recovery

  • Decoration cost: About 100000 (excluding company subsidies)
  • Rental fee: About 20000
  • Display products: About 80000
  • Labor cost: About 50000 / 3 months
  • Personnel training: Free support from headquarters
  • Total investment: About 250000

apply Join in


Franchise hotline:

National Investment Promotion Director

Wang Guiyang

thirteen billion eight hundred and twenty-three million two hundred and fifty-four thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine

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