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In the healthy deep sleep world of Meiya MPE bedding

Only the third generation, the fourth generation and the fifth generation latex products with technology far ahead of the market can provide services for you

Third generation latex Technology
Seven section scientific partition functional latex mattress

In the late 1990s, MPE bedding put forward the concept of functional zoning which is more in line with the human body's natural sleep posture. For the first time, it tried to develop functional zoning on latex mattresses, and creatively developed the world's first "seven segment partition function" latex mattress.

The third generation of seven stage latex technology is based on ergonomics and scientific zoning. Seven parts of the body with different stress levels: head, shoulder, back, waist, hip, thigh and leg are designed with different supporting performance, so that the mattress can conform to the natural curve of the human body and fit the body perfectly; Scientifically and effectively reduce the pressure on muscles during sleep, so that the human body can completely relax and achieve deep sleep.

The fourth generation latex Technology
Breathing pressure reducing intelligent latex mattress

The decompression type intelligent latex mattress adopts the manufacturing process of "three-dimensional demoulding", which contains "decompression molecules", which can effectively reduce and relieve the pressure of human sleep. The 4th generation latex technology can not only improve the pressure reducing ability of the mattress, but also make the latex mattress form "microcirculation air system"
Make the absorption and air permeability of mattress stronger; The whole mattress can directly breathe the air through the nose, so it is called "breathing decompression intelligent latex mattress".

The fifth generation latex Technology
MEMS intelligent memory recognition latex mattress

In 2007, Meiya MPE cooperated with China Aerospace Center to simulate weightlessness in space with physical methods, and creatively invented the 5th generation of MEMS intelligent memory recognition emulsion. The 5th generation of MEMS intelligent recognition technology can quickly identify human features in 30 seconds, making the mattress instantly adapt to the body; Strong memory, slow rebound, zero pressure, such as going into space, such as lying in the cloud, subverting the traditional memory cotton "only identify, no support" limitations, provide people with the best solution to zero pressure demand in deep sleep.

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