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After sales service telephone number:


After sales support system:

In order to provide better after-sales service for customers, dealers must operate in strict accordance with the company's procedures

1. According to the company's unified requirements, fill in the after-sales complaint form in a standardized manner;

2. Product complaints should be simple and clear, accurate and true;

3. The freight of the products to be returned to the factory shall be paid by the distributor.

A. the returned products must be delivered to the warehouse of the factory, and the company does not provide pick-up service;

B. the returned products shall be packed in a standard manner, and the warehouse shall have the right to reject the products without any outer packaging;

C. if it is a product quality problem, the company will reimbursement the freight of the product during the return period, and the expenses will only be charged off.

4. For the returned products, the Distributor shall fax a return list details before returning the goods;

5. For the complaints of less, missed and wrong delivery;

A. when receiving the goods, the company will strictly check and accept the goods, and report the situation to the dealers through the customer service specialist as soon as possible,

B. the company will not deal with it if it fails to reissue the goods within seven days from the time of receiving the goods, and the complaint will be invalid.

6. The after-sales service department shall be subject to the receipt of a written complaint. If the distributor fails to return the product to the factory within one month, the company will not accept the complaint.

7. The company provides one-year warranty service for dealers (the time is calculated from the date of appearance indicated in the product description), and does not provide customer return service. The additional commitment of the dealer to consumers shall be borne by the distributor itself.

In order to ensure the prompt and timely repair, the person who is responsible for the repair shall be responsible in principle. If it is the responsibility of the distributor, only the cost shall be paid; For those with unknown reasons, the company shall, in principle, first supply spare parts, spare parts and pieces, and then check whose responsibility is afterwards; If it is the responsibility of the company, the company will make an unconditional supplement. What needs to be explained is that the separation of responsibilities is to strengthen the sense of responsibility of both parties, so as to avoid adverse effects on consumers and damage to the image of the company. Therefore, it needs the understanding and support of dealers. It can also be said that the separation of responsibilities mainly depends on integrity.

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